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Holly Siniscal is a signature member and CIPPY award recipient of the Color Pencil Society of America (CPSA). Primarily working with wax-based media such as Prismacolor & Verithin pencils, her masterful technique incorporates solvents to achieve glazed layers and painterly effects. Her portraiture has been featured in numerous art publications such as, Southwest Art Magazine and Fine Art Connoisseur. Holly is also a regular contributor to various colored pencil magazines & the Strokes of Genius book series, sharing her unique drawing methods. Blending moments of photorealism and classical portraiture with more stylized and modern fantasy elements, her iconic images interpret archetypal characters and themes. Her artwork has been exhibited in various galleries and museums across America.


Artist Statement

Portraiture allows me to connect and bring out the personalities in my subjects. Amplifying certain moments like the line-tangled texture of hair and the reflective qualities of light on skin creates a hyper-real space of detail and fantasy. Collaborating with my subjects, I exaggerate their individualistic qualities to portray a certain inner-emotionality, whether it be a quirky defiance or a dreamy melancholy.

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